Equipping the Next Generation, Bringing Light to the World!

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Giving seminar in "How Write Personal Testimony" & "How to Use Four Spiritual Booklet"
Giving seminar in “How Write Personal Testimony” & “How to Use Four Spiritual Booklet”

What a privilege God allowed me to train next generation to share the message of God’s love!

21st – 24th October 2013 was the Juan Dream (One Dream) Leadership Training Institute (LTI) in Camp Benjamin, Cavite. LTI is a platform helped train Christians to share Gospel to who are lost & Follow-Up who are saved. Praise God a professor & 66 students from different campuses joined Basic Level & Intermediate Level of this training!

In 4 days 3 nights, delegates committed themselves in 16 hours training with enthusiasm knowing they were to be equipped to help fulfill the Great Commission in their generation. In each morning devotion & night plenary, their hearts for God & passion for the lost grew intensely. They soared to know God deep. And they were eager to stand at gap for their generation!

After 16 hours training, all of the delegates along with local church leaders streamed to the villages with Gospel. Within 2 hours, we had spiritual with 151 persons, 145 persons were shared with Four Spiritual Laws & prayed received Christ, 71 from them has committed to be follow-up! Praise the Lord for His presence is so real!

There’s so much to be done! Pray for the local church leaders from Asian Christian Charismatic Fellowship will continue passionately & diligently follow-up the people in their community. Pray for the professor & students will carry this torch of Gospel to light their respective campuses & shine for Jesus!

Juan Dream (One Dream) for God & for the Lost
Juan Dream (One Dream) for God & for the Lost



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